Nickolas is in the house!

December 15 brought the addition of Nick formerly Clifford. All the way from North Carolina through Rescue Coop. This little man is amazing! He is smart, silly and SO sweet. He is learning his name and the sit command all within his first week here. He and Petunia are getting along very well. This guy was on the euthanasia list and someone saw something in him and I am so happy they did. Looking at this guy he has scars all over him, yet he is the sweetest boy. It makes you wonder how he remains as sweet as he is after he was failed by humans. It makes a difference when you choose rescue and if you can’t take in a dog, PLEASE donate! Every little bit helps!


Artist, designer, seamstress, welder and baker of yummy dog treats, rescues dogs and plays in the dirt...not all at the same time!

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