After losing my precious Bernard, I felt a strong need to do something to help homeless dogs. It hurts my heart to see pages and pages of animals that need homes. I have had rescue dog for several years now, you can read about them below, and became determined to do something to help. And the bakery journey began with a course I found online which led me to establish this business. When you purchase an item from me a large portion goes to local rescues or the ASPCA. Currently I donate 50%, a higher percentage will donated in the future. Please help! ADOPT don’t SHOP!


My first rescue was from the veterinary clinic where I took my pets. He was boarded…and they never came back for him. Can you imagine?! They brought him out and he sat on my foot, he picked me. Sam was a great dog and spent many hours happily riding in the van with my husband. All the customers loved Sam.

My next rescue was Bernard. In the fall of 2016 my precious Lab Cassie was starting to show her age and I was looking for a younger running partner. I went to the humane society and when I walked through I missed him because as soon as they opened the outside kennel door he ran outside and sat in the corner. They bring him to the meet and greet room and he won’t look at me or come near me. He was so shut down. But something told me to take him so I did. When I put him in the back of my Jeep he stood near the back. The farther away we got from the shelter the closer he got to me. He became my big teddy bear. Every night he would jump on the couch, lean on me and spend the rest of the evening as close as he possibly could. I had to send him over the bridge in March of 2023 and to say I miss him is an understatement. Losing him prompted this business.

The Fall of 2019 brought Petunia. Cassie went over the bridge in July of 2019 and I needed a ride or die. Bernard loves to ride in the car but seems to be afraid of everything else. Petunia loves the car and barking. She is the cutest wiggle butt! She is Chief Tasting Officer and approves each type of treat offered! If she doesn’t like it, we don’t make it.

After the heartbreaking loss of Bernard, thoughts of another rescue began surfacing. I looked for some time and found this guy. Clifford, now Nickolas, came all the way from South Carolina! He made the long journey 10 days before Christmas and is the sweetest boy! He has settled in so well, is smart, funny and loves to snuggle. This poor guy has scars all over yet he is gentle and loving.