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Two new treats available next week!

I have a few of my own recipes now! I have a carob cookie and a wheat free treat for the pups. Before I can offer these for sale I have to have them tested which involves sending to a lab which tests for the amount of protein, fiber, moisture, fat and calories. They then provide me with that information which then goes on the labels. So a little more than just coming up with a recipe. They look a little ‘oaty’ in this picture but since this picture was taken I have perfected making my own oat flour. If you are concerned about Carob, check out this article which has some great info on carob and dogs.

Carob Cookie

Picture of Wheat Free coming soon!


Artist, designer, seamstress, welder and baker of yummy dog treats, rescues dogs and plays in the dirt...not all at the same time!

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