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Working on my Drizzle Game

Working on perfecting my drizzle game. My first attempts were kinda meh. Getting the consistency needed for perfect drizzling took a little experimenting but with patience I think I have it! The donuts on the right are my most recent. Looks much more appealing. I don’t think dogs really care what their treat looks like as long as it’s tasty. As owners we think of our dogs as children and want the best for them, including visually appealing treats. So I think the visual appeal is more for us than them. Not only do I want my treats to be enjoyable for the dogs but for humans too. It’s fun to give pretty things to our puppers. I will continue to make natural healthy treats with much better drizzle appeal for pet parents.


Artist, designer, seamstress, welder and baker of yummy dog treats, rescues dogs and plays in the dirt...not all at the same time!

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