Trunk or Treat

I had fun getting ready for Animal Rescue’s 1st Trunk or Treat. We sold some treats and saw a ton of cute pups and people in costume. Such a fun day! I would totally do it again and this time I will be in costume too.

I love creating in all forms, and baking too. I also really enjoy creating the packaging, designing the labels, etc. I have many ideas for this bakery but most important is to raise money and awareness for shelter animals and rescue groups.

This boy right here, Bernard, the sweetest boy ever, is the motivation. I miss this guy so much! I can’t bring him back but I can let his story inspire and motivate me to keep pushing on when I feel discouraged.


Artist, designer, seamstress, welder and baker of yummy dog treats, rescues dogs and plays in the dirt...not all at the same time!

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